East End of Rundle (EEOR)

WOW! What an incredible hike! If East end of Rundle isn’t already on your bucket list you need to add it now! This hike isn’t for everybody though, it is extremely tough and basically straight up the entire way. We did the hike starting at 3am so we would be at the top for sunrise. I HIGHLY recommend this! The view of the sunrise was absolutely stunning! The clouds were a cotton candy pink as they danced over the mountain tops. 

As always, make sure you dress appropriately and be ready for anything the outdoors can throw at you. Weather can be unpredictable and change at any minute. Respect the wildlife by staying at appropriate distances and stay on the trails in order to preserve the forest! For more information on each hike you can check them out on AllTrails.

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I did this hike most recently in May 2020. The trail was clear of snow except for a stretch of about 200m in the middle. So many people do this hike though so the snow was packed down really well and easy to walk over. You start from the Upper Grassi Lakes parking lot, right beside the reservoir. The beginning of the hike is in the trees and a decent incline but nothing too crazy. Ones you ascend above the tree line the trail turns into a scramble. The hike is done by so many people that you are likely to lose the true trail. There are so many branches off and new trails. Don’t worry though, as long as you continue climbing up, you will get to the right place! Literally just keep going up!

The clouds kept creeping over the mountains so we didn’t get much sun but the temperature was perfect pretty much throughout. Once we stopped for breakfast at the top it got a little cold so I recommend bringing a sweater, jacket, or toque along to put on once you reach the top, especially if you get cold easily. 

Overall I would rate this hike as a 7/10. The views were fantastic, the hike was short but extremely difficult with a ton of elevation gain in very little distance. 


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