Meet Jess

Hey, I’m Jess! Waterfall chaser, mountain climber, and adventure seeker! I have a strong passion for environmental conservation and love being outdoors! I have a BSc in Geography which has taught me so much about our natural world and how we need to protect it.

To say I have a travel addiction is a huge understatement. I am from Canada and have traveled to the USA, France, England, Mexico, and Iceland. Although my list of visited countries is small, though these experiences I have gained so many memories and knowledge about travel and other cultures. So far Iceland is by far my favourite place I have ever been. The landscapes there are incredible and something you will not find anywhere else! I have a HUGE bucket list of places I want to visit next and I am very excited to continue checking things off that list and learning more about the world. 

Photography has always been a passion of mine as well. Since I can remember I have always had a camera by my side capturing the world around me. I love being able to showcase my experiences through photographs and show people what life is like in different places around the world.